Manny is truly inspirational and motivating to any audience, from professionals to students. His story left a lasting impression on the students and staff. Manny engaged the students during his presentation in a meaningful way. I would highly recommend Manny for a speaking engagement.

 - Jessica Barnes, Principal, Twin Groves Middle School

He was very good for our young people and a great witness for all of them.  I truly believe that for some of them, he made a real difference and for all of them, he made them aware of the sacrifices we may have to make and the struggles we may have in life and that we can, with the proper attitude, overcome these challenges.

- Deacon James J. Ernst, Our Lady of Hope Church

Having Manny Gonzalez speak at our event was a true pleasure. Manny's story is truly inspiring. He was able to effectively communicate in a way that inspired those who were in attendance at our event, and furthered our cause, raising money for Phoenix Society so that other burn survivors can get the help they need.  Manny would be an asset as a speaker to any event.

- Brien Dews, Co-Founder, Buses By The Beach

The power of Manny Gonzalez's message has a universal application of survival to thriving from a life changing burn trauma. Manny is dynamic and energetic in sharing his message that is appropriate for all audiences.  His military service is weaved throughout his story which brings a unique angle to overcoming adversity.  Manny will successfully consider and adapt to your organization's specific meeting objectives.

- Amy Acton, Executive Director, Phoenix Society for Burn Survivors

His personality and enthusiasm captivated an audience of approximately five hundred people from the start of his talk to the end.  I truly felt the reason why he showed exceptional confidence is because he spoke from his heart. While his life tragedy has had a significant impact on his life he was and is a great source of inspiration to others.

- David Schury, Founder/ President, From Tragedy to Triumph Foundation